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Akranes Campsite

Hidden gem of all the campsites in Iceland with fantastick skyline and promenada!

About us

Conveniently situated just 45 minutes away from Reykjavik and a mere hour and 15 minutes from the airport, our Campsite serves as an ideal launching pad for your Icelandic adventure or a serene final retreat before departing. Whether embarking on a journey across the rugged landscapes or bidding farewell to the land of fire and ice, our location offers unparalleled accessibility, ensuring your travel plans unfold seamlessly.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance as you stroll along the ocean promenade, where the salty breeze mingles with the crisp Icelandic air, creating an atmosphere of serenity and rejuvenation. Whether it’s the beginning or end of your Icelandic escapade, our Campsite provides a picturesque backdrop for moments of reflection and exploration, promising an unforgettable experience amidst the breathtaking natural wonders of Iceland.


12-Hours Front Desk
Child playground
Dinning tables
Recycle bin
Beautifull nature

Best attractions near Akranes campsite


Located right next to the Campsite offers you a beautiful walk by the ocean. It makes it ideal warm up for the nearby hiking trails.

Glymur waterfall

Medium difficult hiking trail with the amazing waterfall at the end.


Mountain close by for more experienced hikers.


Beautiful and remote fjord. It is almost forgotten after the tunnel was built. We highly recommend it even if you will just drive through it.


Great lighthouse to visit within the town itself.


Waterpark that gives you a pure joy of jumping into the ocean.

Guolaug Natural Pool

Set of hot pots right next to the ocean from which you can jump off and run through the beach right into the ocean to cool down.

Folk museum

The Akranes Folk Museum is the best place in Akranes to get familiar with it's history.

War and peace museum

At the War and Peace Museum you will find an exciting exhibition of items connected to the war and the history and culture during that time.

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How to Reach Akranes Campsite

Address: Kalmansbraut, 300 Akranes, Iceland

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